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Rob Kattenburg; 40 years expert and artdealer, specializing in Dutch Marines

Gallery Rob Kattenburg has been the world expert on Dutch Marines from the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries for more than 40 years. You can turn to Rob Kattenburg for the purchasing, sale, ascription, valuation, mediation and research of Dutch Marines...

Rob Kattenburg - 35 jaar expert en kunsthandelaar, gespecialiseerd in maritieme kunst

Personal advice about buying from Rob Kattenburg

  Pieter Muller
“We would rather have a storm by a minor marine painter such as Pieter Mulier than a good early Van de Velde.”
Far too often, established and new collectors are tempted by well-known names like Ludolf Backhuysen when they are contemplating a purchase. The fact that even the great masters occasionally produced work of inferior quality is often overlooked. Not to mention the attribution—is the painting really by the master in question? And last but not least, there is the question of the condition of the work...


How the purchase of an important painting came about with Rob Kattenburg’s help


The Vereeniging Historisch Scheepvaart Museum in Amsterdam bought an important painting by the seventeenth-century marine painter Cornelis Claesz van Wieringen (1580-1633) for more than € 300,000. The painting was a modello—a smaller version to show the client how the final painting would look. The modello is one of the most important pieces in the museum’s collection, and Rob Kattenburg agreed with the museum that it should own the modello too. His expertise and help were gratefully accepted. It was arranged that Rob Kattenburg would bid by telephone, not in the sale room, as his presence could have tipped people off. His efforts at the exciting sale were successful and Rob Kattenburg was able to report that he had managed to buy the painting for the museum!

Recently the Scheepvaartmuseum in Amsterdam acquired a painting by Reinier ‘View of the IJ and the Naval Arsenal in Amsterdam at low tide in 1664’ for its 100 years anniversary.

Rob Kattenburg is a member of VHOK, the Association of Fine Art Dealers in the Netherlands Rob Kattenburg is a member of CINOA, The International Art and Antiques Trade Association Rob Kattenburg is an exhibitor at TEFAF Maastricht